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●Held on the first Saturday from 2pm to 4pm. Please check “Topics” the date.


●No reservation necessary. We welcome people who have never been to church before. Feel free to join us! It’s OK to come and leave in the middle of workshop.


●Donation is 1,000 yen. (This may not apply to a workshop with special guests. Please check “Topics”. For adults, we ask for ¥1,000 donation at the reception desk. For ministers, pastors, missionaries, seminary students, general students and kids, donation is voluntary. Please tell so at the reception desk.)


● Admission fee-free system is finished in 2013 for the first-time visitor and who’s in birthday month.


●10 yen cash-back to who brings own water bottle. (Personal use water bottle, thermos, reused PET bottle)



● Contact info: Chuo Fukuin Kyokai (Center Gospel Church)

Phone: +81-3-3971-4774 (Office hours 11:00-19:00)



map_eg Chuo Fukuin kyokai
(Center Gospel Church)
3-15-9 Higashi-Ikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo



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